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I don't think I've ever posted here before.

I've been a Livejournal user from the time I was 12, blogging pretty extensively up through the first year of my undergrad, and then I let things slide over there. Got into tumblr, naturally, but as fun as it is, I really miss the community atmosphere of Livejournal. Of course, LJ is basically dead now, so I'm seeking out another refuge. I miss being actively involved in fandom, I miss relating to people who love the same things that I love on a personal level, and I miss having a solid documentation of that. Tumblr feels impersonal and ephemeral. There isn't much for me to contribute, and I think the fan base there skews a little too young for me.

I'm in the final semester of my master's degree, and that's part of the reason I feel the need to keep a blog again. I've been going through some drama with my supervisor, dealing with an increased surge of anxiety and depression, and altogether questioning the field I want to go into/the next step for me. Tomorrow, I have a psych appointment, and I'm going to finally give antidepressants a serious go. I've taken Zoloft before for a week here or there, but never long enough to feel the full, steady effects. There are reasons I didn't like Zoloft from those brief encounters, which I might get into deeper detail about in another post. At my psyh appointment, I'm going to request Wellbutrin, and see how that goes. I know its not always the best for anxiety, but the way I see it, I'd rather add on Zoloft later than start with Zoloft and add Wellbutrin. This journal will in part be a record of my progress with psychiatric drugs and, hopefully, with some CBT once I can set up a therapist's appointment.

So more on that front soon. More about my life in general. I like to have a good document of my feelings through time, the stupid drama in my life, the little happy things. I think Dreamwidth will be a good place for me.
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